The Solid Chocolate Company

The Solid Chocolate Company

The Solid Chocolate Company has a unique product. 42 pieces of interlocking chocolate to make a single 750g solid chocolate easter egg. This is a great concept and a great product that requires an equally great packaging solution able to hold the heavy product, while allowing for a frontal tear-off section, perforated on the edges.

We produced the carton using our new Highcon Euclid III, which allowed us to prepare mockups that perfectly matched the final product, and achieve maximum precision on the very important perforation.

This year the Solid Chocolate Company won the World Food Innovation Award for Confectionary Innovation and Simon Allison was kind enough to leave the following testimonial:

“I have spent the last few years developing a range of products and LexPlus have been an instrumental part of this process. LexPlus’ knowledge of materials, machinery, technology and processes comes from many years of working in the packaging industry and this is patently clear when you ask them for opinions, quotes and advice. Time and again they have helped me avoid pitfalls and errors simply by having a deep understanding of what they are talking about. They always have time for their customers and their passion for creative packaging design comes to the fore. The combination of this passion and the cutting edge machinery at LexPlus makes them the obvious choice for your packaging project.”

Owner – Solid Chocolate Company