Schokolat Packaging

Schokolat is a UK company specialising in the creation of unique chocolate products designed, moulded and painted to look like real-life objects: from screwdrivers to bolts, from horse-shoes to a working teapot entirely made out of chocolate.

Being a relatively new business and looking to improve on their existing packaging, they contacted us to discuss the best way to create a box that would protect their products, display them as prominently as possible whilst minimising the requirement for multiple box sizes.

After the initial consultation with the client we agreed we would develop a solution to cover the 20+ product in their current range. Working in conjunction with vacuum former we were able to identify products with the most similar footprint and arrange them in such a way that only 4 boxes would have been required to “dress” the entire product line.

The final box design incorporates a large window giving maximum visibility for the various chocolate products. A simple single glue point and tuck-back closure minimises production, packing time and complexity, reducing stock requirements, costs and so meting the client’s brief in its entirety.