LexPlus Christmas Card

Christmas 2016 was fast approaching and wanting to impress our clients and prospective clients we were up against time to design a unique, innovative card to send out to them that would impress and excite them. The card had to incorporate a quintessentially festive message while conveying the qualities of our company through all our areas of expertise, incorporating processes such as printing, hand-assembly and bespoke packaging solutions.

Several ideas were discussed but one literally “jumped out” – a pop-up Christmas tree. Arriving flat within an A5 card, it raises and forms a 3 dimensional shape once opened. The only way to possibly achieve the intricate number of branches, interlocking sections and the element of surprise was to utilise our latest laser cutting machine, this concept and design would have been too small for a traditional die-cast tool.

Thankfully we recently finished the installation of our new HighCon laser cutting machine which allowed for a perfect cut, down to the smallest detail. Once all the sheets were printed we added a touch of festive gold and glamour, enhancing the look and feel of the card by incorporating some hot foiling, Scodix foiling and 3D spot UV. After the laser cutting process our hand assembly team got to work and in no time our new Christmas card were complete and ready for posting.